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I'm A Believer (12/?)

Title: I'm A Believer
Author: Lisa
Rating: This chapter is PG-13.
Pairing: None
Warnings: Adult themes, alcohol and drug references
Summary: The Monkees face several obstacles on their way to becoming Roman Catholics.
Note:   This is the fourth story in my "Led By The Spirit" Christian Monkees series, where the Monkees and the angel Elizabeth fight the forces of evil.  If you are not familiar with this series, please go back through the archives and read the previous stories; Thy Kingdom Come, And Lead Us Not Into Temptation and Revelations and Truths.  Since this is a Christian Monkees story, the occult elements in this story will not be shown in a good light.  If that disturbs you then please, with all due respect, do not read this story.  Peace and Thank you.
Author's Note: I'm sorry for the long wait between chapters.    A quick recap:  The Monkees are taking religion lessons to join the Roman Catholic faith.  Satan has hired the bandit El Diablo (of It's A Nice Place To Visit fame) to keep people away from a secret project he's developing in the desert.  Meanwhile, the Monkees meet John Entwistle of The Who at a nightclub after Peter saves his life. The Monkees are now going to open for The Who at the Hollywood Bowl.

About a minute later man wearing a blue suit walked out onto the stage and to the microphone. The crowd greeted him with a few cheers and whistles.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” He said into the mic, “The Hollywood Bowl welcomes you! Tonight for our opening act, we have an up and coming group that’s very popular in club circuit, recently playing at the famous Red Velvet Nightclub! Here they are, the four with more, The Monkees!”

The Monkees walked out onto the stage to some cheering and applause, though laughter was heard from the back. The guys quickly plugged in their guitars and Mike stepped up to the mic.

“Ah…good evening everyone!” He said, looking out at the large crowd, “Are you ready to rock and roll?”

More cheering, whistles and applause greeted that remark.

Mike looked over at Micky, who nodded back.

Mike began the opening chords of “Last Train to Clarksville” and Micky began to sing;

“Take the last train to Clarksville and I’ll meet you at the station, you can be here by 4:30, cause I made your reservation don’t be slow. Oh no no no.”

“Oh no no no!” Mike, Peter and Davy sang in reply.

The song proceeded normally, until the end, when an empty beer can landed at Peter’s feet. He jumped back, but kept his composure and continued with the song.

As the Monkees’ set went on, the crowd seemed to maintain an indifferent, bored attitude towards the group. Another beer can landed on the stage, this time by Mike, who kicked it off to the side of the stage.

Looking down at the crowd by the edge of the pool, Mike was shocked to see none other than Julie, several months pregnant, sitting in one of the front-row seats next to Gwen.

The two witches saw Mike looking at them and gave him a little wave.

Mike began to walk toward them and would’ve gone into the artificial pool if Davy hadn’t grabbed his arm. He noticed where Mike was looking and his eyes grew wide when he saw Julia and Gwen. Davy gently grabbed the back of Mike’s shirt and pulled him back from the pool’s edge.

Micky and Peter noticed what Mike and Davy were doing, but Peter had a better view and saw Julia and Gwen before Micky did.

When Micky finally did realize what was going on, he looked offstage for Elizabeth, but she wasn’t there.

The angel was already sitting next to the witches.

“Enjoying the show, ladies?” She asked mildly.

“They’re a good group,” Gwen replied, “Too bad the audience doesn’t think so.”

“We’re not here to cause trouble, Elizabeth.” Julia said, “I just wanted to see Mike.”

“He needs to be a more supportive father-to-be.” Gwen added.

“Mike already asked you to go with him, Julia,” Elizabeth said, “But you refused.”

“I just can’t leave my master.” Julia replied. “Mike can have so much more if he’s with me, and my way of life.”

“He won’t leave his chosen path, and you know that.” The angel said, looking up at the group who was finishing “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone.” They were looking down at the three with concerned looks on their faces.

During this exchange, Micky and Davy had changed places so Micky could sing “Goin’ down”.

“Sock it to me! Floating down the river with a saturated liver, And I wish I could forgive her But I do believe she meant it When she told me to forget it And I bet she will regret it When they find me in the morning wet and drowned And the word gets 'round. Goin' down. Goin' down.

“It’s not too late for either of you,” Elizabeth continued, “Come with me, I know a place you can hide, no questions asked.”

But both witches shook their heads, “No, that’s not going to happen.” Julia said, “If Mike won’t give up his life to be with me, he’ll be sorry.”

“In what way?” The angel replied slowly, her eyes narrowing.

“I think it’s safe to say his friends don’t know he’s the father of this baby.” Julia said, looking straight at Elizabeth, “What if his friends find out? What if his church finds out? I think that would damage his relationship with them, don’t you think?”

“And now I see the life I led I slept it all away in bed I should have learned how to swim instead.” Micky sang from the stage.

“It would, in the short term.” The angel replied, but you’re underestimating their friendship. Those boys have been through a lot these last few years, even before I met them. They’ll get through this.”

Micky shuffled closer to the pond’s edge near the three women though he couldn’t hear them talking. Peter had pushed Mike closer to the drum riser, back out of the way.

“Well,” Julia said, not put out by what Elizabeth just told her, “Tell Mike to come visit me or else.”

“I think you two better leave now.” Elizabeth said, “Since I doubt you two have tickets.”

“Oh how droll, sweetie.” Gwen said, “We’ll be seeing you.” The two witches stood up, and Gwen pointed a finger at Micky and the two witches disappeared. Micky was finishing up his song,

“I'm floatin' down to New Orleans Goin' to pick up on some swingin' scenes I know I'll know a better day I'll go down groovin' all the way. Goin' down. Goin' down!”

Micky suddenly jumped forward and fell into the pool! Elizabeth just managed to rip the microphone out of his hand before he hit the water, otherwise he would’ve been electrocuted. The pool wasn’t too deep so Micky quickly came to the surface, spitting out water.

The crowd, either surprised by the abrupt ending to the song or just glad Micky was done singing, roared their approval. Mike, Peter and Davy quickly ran to the edge of the pond and with a little bit of heavenly help from Elizabeth, pulled Micky, who was dazed, soaking wet but unharmed, up on to the stage again.

Fortunately, the Monkees had just done the last song of their set, so they waved and bowed to the crowd and ran off the stage.

Waiting for them were Elizabeth, Darlene and an unhappy stage manager.

“Young man that is NOT a swimming pool!” He shouted at Micky, “That is a reflecting pool to help with the acoustics during symphonies!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Micky replied sincerely.

The stage manager rounded on Keith who was just walking over.

“The same goes for you.” He said sternly, “No diving into the reflecting pool.” He marched away.

“Well thanks a lot, Micky.” Keith said angrily, “I was gonna throw myself into the pool, and you spoiled it for me.”

“Perhaps you can do something else, Keith.” Micky snapped, “Like blow up your drum kit.”

“While you’re still playing it.” Davy muttered under his breath.

Oblivious to the sarcasm, Keith said, “You know, that’s not a bad idea.”

“Are you ok, Micky?” Elizabeth asked, giving him a kiss.

“I am now, I don’t know how that happened.” Micky replied, giving Elizabeth a questioning look.

The angel discreetly made a towel appear and handed it to Micky, who quickly wiped his hair, face and neck.

“I’ll tell you all later.” Elizabeth said, using her powers so that only the Monkees and Darlene could hear her. Roger and Pete now walked over. Roger had changed his shirt and now wore tie-dyed unbuttoned peacoat.

“Ok, lads, oh where’s John? Roger asked, looking around, “It’s time to put on a show for this crowd!”

“Here comes the world’s greatest bass player!” Keith announced as John walked over.

“Paul McCartney?” Peter asked innocently, not seeing John coming up behind him.

John glared at Peter as he took a last drink from his beer can and tossed it aside. He looked at the Monkees. “Stick around, boys. See how it’s done!”

“One minute, Who!” The stage manager called over to them as the stage crew quickly moved the Monkees’ equipment aside and got the Who’s instruments ready for them on stage.

The stage manager once again went in front of the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” He shouted, “Here’s the group you’ve all been waiting for… THE WHO!”

A roar rose up from the crowd as The Who took the stage. Without a word, they put on their instruments and Roger began to sing, “I can See For Miles.”

“I know you’ve deceived me now here’s a surprise. I know that you have cause there’s magic in my eyes.”

“I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles!” The Who sang.

To say that the Who’s Music was loud was putting it mildly. The Monkees and Darlene had to put their hands over their ears to block out some of the sound.

Elizabeth put her hand on a side wall and using her powers could feel and see the sound vibrations making tiny cracks in the cement. She could sense dust and bits of paint coming down from the ceiling.

“Come this way.” She told the others who could hear her over the music.

They went back into the Who’s now empty dressing room. The music could still be heard clearly even from that distance. The angel gave Micky a hug and his clothes were instantly dried. Elizabeth then told them what the two witches had told her, except for Julia’s blackmail attempt. She’d tell Mike about that privately.

“Wow, they really want Mike to visit don’t they?” Micky asked when Elizabeth had finished.

“Yeah, can’t they just leave Mike alone?” Davy asked, shaking his head.

“And me too.” Micky added.

Mike simply stood there looking at the floor.

Then Peter asked the question Mike and Elizabeth had been dreading.

“Was Julia pregnant, Elizabeth?” He asked. “She looked like it.”

“Yes she is, Peter.” The angel replied, and said nothing else.

Elizabeth could tell Micky, Peter, Davy and Darlene were beginning to wonder if there was another reason Julia wanted Mike so bad.

“Let’s go back outside and watch the rest of the show.” Elizabeth suggested, “I’ll protect your hearing.”

The Monkees, Elizabeth and Darlene went back over to the wings and watched the rest of The Who’s show, the angel dampening the sound for them so they could enjoy the show better.

The Who did several of their hit songs, “I’m A Boy”, “Happy Jack” and others. It was a great show with lights flashing and a video screen blasting colors at the crowd. Everyone was having a good time.

Finally the final song of the night came up, the Who’s biggest hit so far, “My Generation”.

“People try to put us d-d-down.” Roger sang.

“Talking ‘bout my generation.” Pete and John sang in reply.

“Just because we get around.” Roger finished.

“Talking ‘bout my generation.” Pete and John sang again.

At the end of the song, it was chaotic . Lights flashed and smoke came from the stage as The Who went nuts, Roger spun around the stage like a top while Keith pounded on his drums. Pete and John smashed their guitars on stage, though John seemed to have a hard time of it. No matter how hard he tried, his guitar wouldn’t break apart, and some people in the audience were laughing at him. At one point his guitar bounced up and hit him on the chin.

The Monkees and Darlene looked over at Elizabeth, who had a small smile on her face. They understood what the angel was up to and smiled as well.

Finally, as Keith kicked over his drum kit, Pete’s guitar smashed, then all four of The Who took a bow, then dove feet first into the reflecting pool, much to the annoyance of the stage manager.

Dripping wet, The Who climbed out of the pool to thunderous cheering and applause.

The Monkees, Elizabeth and Darlene applauded too. Despite how they felt personally about the group, they had to admit they were great performers.

Laughing and howling, The Who stumbled into the wings where the others were waiting.

“Party time!” Pete yelled, running to the dressing room.

“Now THAT was a show!” John yelled at the Monkees, as he walked past.

“Quit talking to the schoolboys, John!” Roger yelled at him, “I’m sure we’ve got some nice ladies waiting for us in the dressing room!”

Keith walked over to Elizabeth and Dalene.

“Want to join us, ladies?” He asked with a lecherous smile. “Want to party with the men?”

“No thank you.” Elizabeth replied, her voice glacier cold.

“Get lost.” Darlene snapped.

With a fake look of hurt, Keith raised his hands in surrender and backed away…then promptly fell backwards over a box that Elizabeth had put in his way. He quickly scrambled to his feet, swearing mightily, and went to join his band mates.

“I’m sorry Elizabeth.” Micky said as he hugged her and Peter embraced Darlene.

“You don’t have to apologize,” the angel replied, “Keith is the one who should do that.”

“Hey, you guys gonna get your stuff?” One of the crew members shouted over to them, “We gotta get things loaded onto the trucks!”

“We’re coming!” Mike shouted back.

The Monkees, Elizabeth and Darlene gathered up and put away their equipment and got it onto the freight elevator. At ground level, they had to make their way through the crowd of workmen hauling tons of equipment to the Who’s trailers.

Finally, the Monkees, Elizabeth and Darlene had the Monkeemobile loaded up and Mike drove them out of the gate and onto the road. Suddenly, Micky put his hand on Mike’s arm.

“Wait Mike! I want to do something!” He cried.

“What?” Mike asked, hitting the brakes.

“I want to see if our name was up on the marque!” Micky replied.

“Yeah, I want to see our name up in lights!” Peter added.

“Well, ok.” Mike replied, “I’ll drive past the front before we head out onto the highway.”

Mike had to drive slowly due to the heavy amount of cars coming out of the show. Some people in the other cars saw the ‘Monkees’ sign on their car and waved. Finally, the group came up on the marque, but it wasn’t lit. Micky was about to ask Elizabeth to light up the sign when the angel waved her hand.

The sign lit up and in big letters it read:


***THE WHO***

Special guest stars:


Unbeknownst to them, The Who had bribed the staff to misspell the Monkees name.

Elizabeth snapped her fingers and the sign went off, and there was total silence on the long drive home.


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