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Don't Judge Me So Harsh Little Girl (5/?)

Title: Don't Judge Me So Harsh Little Girl
Author: Ash
Rating: PG-13 and R
Summary: It's 1975 and Micky Dolenz is divorced and living the party life. Rita is a young woman on the L.A. scene. When the two meet, their lives are forever changed...
Warnings: Implied Sexual Content (Het)
Genre: Real-Life
Pairing: Micky/OFC
Notes: The title of the story is from a song by Tori Amos called "Playboy Mommy," in case any were wondering. There may be some historical inaccuracies in this work of fiction in either general, or in Micky Dolenz history. I apologize for them.

Part Five

I awoke the next morning to the daylight streaming in the aforementioned windows across the bedroom. Apparently Micky had decided to open the drapes, either it was a message for me to get up or because he was feeling better about his life. I preferred the latter.

I crawled up out of the sheets to find myself alone. I looked over at Micky’s side all disheveled and slept in and smiled to myself. There was a piece of paper setting near the pillow; I picked it up and read it: ‘Lovely Rita, I’m downstairs. Come down whenever. Love, Micky.’ The teenage side of me wanted to giggle stupidly, as if he had passed a note in class. I set it back down and got up. The dirty clothes that had once been in a far corner were now stuffed into a hamper with a lid, which gave me the impression he had been up for a while. I was just satisfied I didn’t need to feel compelled to clean it up. I pulled the sheets and blankets up on the bed and then made my way to the bathroom with my previously worn clothes, they would have to do. I put them back on and slipped the flannel over the shirt, making me look a little disproportioned to say the least, but it was comfortable and smelled nice. I then headed down the stairs.

I could faintly hear a guitar coming from somewhere as I got to the landing and looked at the clock; it was already after noon. I noticed the door nearest the kitchen that led to the patio and outdoor pool was open; I headed towards it, the music getting louder as I did. A black cat passed me by at the door; I picked it up and cuddled it as it purred. Walking outside, I automatically regretted still having the flannel on, it was a warm summer day. I carefully put the cat down and then stripped off the shirt, carrying it with me. There in a few poolside chairs I found Micky, Micky and someone else. It was a man with long blonde hair and sunglasses on. They were both playing guitar and singing in harmony. I approached them. Micky noticed me before I could say anything.

“Hey baby!” he exclaimed rather happily hugging my waist from his seat as I came over and stood by him. The man in the sunglasses smiled, “Pete, this is the gal I told you about.” I felt slightly uncomfortable as the man smiled broader and looked at me with big brown eyes through pulled down sunglasses. They’d talked about me? Now he was telling people? What did he call me, his whore? I brushed off this last thought as something Micky would never say and offered my hand to the man who was moving towards me.

“It’s Rita right?” he asked shaking my hand.

“Yes,” I replied, “And you are?”

“Peter,” he said taking the sunglasses off. Now I knew exactly who this was and I tried not to let my giddiness take over, “Peter Tork.” I smiled sweetly at him, not knowing what else to do; Peter was always my favorite Monkee when I watched the show. He looked a bit different then he used to though- his hair was longer and he had a beard. But goodness those eyes and that smile!

“Peter just came by for a visit. We haven’t seen each other in a long time,” Micky explained.

“Came by to check up on this guy, make sure he’s alright. Seems to be doing pretty well,” Peter added with another smile. I blushed and looked at my feet with a smirk.

Micky suddenly stood up and took off the guitar. He immediately hugged me, “Would you like some breakfast?” I nodded and he took me back to the house; I heard Peter start strumming his guitar again. We went to the kitchen and Micky grabbed a bowl from the cupboard as I stood by, “I wouldn’t want you to be hungry. By the way, are you alright?” He must have noticed my reaction to Peter.

I nodded, “Fine.”

“Good I’m glad,” he replied. Micky casually set a bowl of cornflakes in front of me, bathed in orange juice. I made the same face I’d made the night before, “What? Eat it.”

“Micky I-“ I began and was about to give a long explanation of how strange a dish it seemed, when Peter strolled in, guitar in hand. He grimaced and looked at me.

“You’re not really going to eat that are you? Micky, why must you force your bad habits on others, not to mention gross,” Peter stated. I looked back behind me at Micky, both shocked and amused.

He picked up the bowl and began eating. “Well, I like it,” he mumbled.

Peter rolled his eyes and sat down, strumming his guitar habitually. He than looked at me, “Rita, you want to go out with me and get something to eat? I mean, I don’t mind, I was gonna go anyway.”

I looked to Micky, who gave no reaction, so I turned back, “I’d love to.”

“Groovy,” Peter replied getting up, “Let’s go.” He began to walk towards the door.

I quickly scurried after, then stopped and turned back to Micky, “Is it ok if…”

“Yeah sure, I’ve got some stuff to do today anyway.” I hugged him goodbye and than walked out to Peter in the driveway.

“Thanks for the offer,” I said to Peter as I caught up with him. He put the guitar in back of his car and entered the driver’s seat, as I did the passenger’s.

Peter just smiled as he turned the ignition, “No problem. I wanted to get to know this new girl anyway; Micky’s been talking about you for weeks.”

I was surprised, “Really?”

“Well, I don’t know how many people he told, but I had called about coming over this week and he mentioned you in passing. Said you were the cutest girl he’s seen in a long time,” Peter explained as we drove.

I blushed, “This is all very new to me.”

“How are you coping?”

“Every day is a little better and now that Micky knows about it, I feel much better,” I replied. I looked at Peter to see if he had any idea what I was talking about. He looked back quickly like he’d read my mind.

“Micky told me. That’s um, good news I hope?” I didn’t get a chance to answer as we pulled into town and stopped at the nearest diner. Peter put his sunglasses back on as we headed inside. We got a table in the back corner and ordered before he looked back at me, “Sorry I don’t want to pry…”

“No it’s fine. I’m sure it’ll be public news soon anyway. It’s… strange, that I’m sure of. I went to a party and left pregnant!”

Peter chuckled, “It is kind of uncharacteristic of Micky, at least the baby part. But he’s always been girl crazy.”

“We weren’t thinking that night, we got caught up in the moment.”

Peter nodded, “I understand. It happens to the best of us.” Just then our food came and we began to eat. My appetite was beginning to settle and I dug in.

Watching Peter, I again felt star-struck. There was this gorgeous man across from me stuffing his face, someone in my teen years I’d fantasized about doing this very thing with. Funny where life can lead you. I couldn’t help but smile as I finished my soup. Peter noticed, “What is it?”
“Nothing, I’m just a bit star-struck that’s all.”

He laughed finishing his food, “Thanks. Bet you never thought this would happen in a million years.”

“No never!” Peter dug in his pocket for money when he finished. I just remembered I didn’t have my purse with me; damn what a nice person I was! I shrugged my shoulders, “Sorry, I don’t have anything with me.”

“It’s cool, don’t worry about it.” I followed Peter to the cash register and then we went out to the car again.

“Hey do you think we could stop by my place? I don’t have anything with me and I don’t know how long I’ll be at Micky’s.”

“Sure,” Peter replied and I pointed him in the right direction.

When we pulled up to the apartment building, I looked at my watch and then back up again; the windows were dark, shades and curtains clearly drawn. Great, I thought, what was Jackie up to now?

“This is me,” I announced to Peter after we’d cleared the set of stairs and the hall to the apartment. I put the key in the lock; it unlatched and I pushed the door. But to my surprise, the chain lock was on, the door would only open a few inches. I sighed and stuck my face into the formed gap, “Jackie! Hey, it’s me, open up!”

About a minute late, Jackie appeared in the kitchen, hastily throwing a robe on her shoulders. She shut the door, I could hear the chain, and than she opened it. She was staring at me blankly, almost as if I didn’t live there, “What’s up Rita?”

I was taken aback, she was still in the doorway, “Aren’t you going to let me in?”

As if coming out of a daze, Jackie stood aside, “Oh yeah, come in.” I entered, Peter following closely as she shut the door behind us. It was then that I noticed what a state the place was in; food cartons everywhere, clothes all over. I’d been gone a day and it already looked like a tornado went through the apartment!

“Jackie, what the hell happened here?” I asked turning on my heel to face her.

She was busy staring at Peter, who was politely smiling back, “Who’s your friend?” She completely ignored my question.

“Oh, this is Peter Tork,” I replied. They shook hands and than I grabbed hold of Jackie’s arm, “Seriously Jackie, what’s going on?” I looked her in the eyes.

She shifted and let go of my gaze, “Nothing.” There was something up…

Just then, Jackie’s bedroom door opened and out came Harry Nilsson, dressed only in his boxer shorts, and turning redder with the passing seconds. He acknowledged Peter first, “Hey Peter.”

“Harry,” was all Peter could muster without laughing.

Harry looked at me, “Hey… hi Rita.”

I stood a moment and looked back from Jackie, who was white, and Harry and then to Peter who was smiling broadly. I lifted an eyebrow and sighed, “Right, I’m gonna pretend I never saw this. I came back to get a few things. Come on Peter.” We both walked past the uncomfortable couple to my room.

When I shut the door, we broke into peals of laughter; Peter spoke first, “Did you see their faces?!”

“Thing is, she probably thinks I’m actually mad at her,” I said as I dug through my drawers and packed the nearest bag with stuff, “Oh well.”

I packed everything I could think of- clothing I knew would be comfortable and fit for at least a few months, my bathroom essentials and a few books. It was simple but would have to do for now; my life had become that of a surreal troubadour and I didn’t have a clue what would happen next. Within minutes, I looked back at Peter sitting on my unmade bed cross-legged and tossed my bag over my shoulder. He stood up, “You ready?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied heading to open the door.

“Let me carry that for you,” Peter insisted taking the bag from me, and for reasons unknown to me, I didn’t protest. Sudden exhaustion had overcome me.

When I opened the bedroom door, Jackie and Harry were now dressed, but disheveled, and making food for themselves. Jackie came over to me, “Sorry about before. Are you staying with Micky for a while?”

“It’s ok, and yeah I am. I mean, he didn’t ask but I think I am. If not, you’ll be getting a call later!”

Jackie chuckled and wiped her hands on her pants and than hugged me, “Call if you need anything.”

“I will,” I said hugging her back, “You two have fun eh?”

Harry smiled over at me, “Take care. Tell Mick I said ‘hey.’” I nodded and than Peter and I left.

When we got back to Micky’s house, I was shocked to find it all cleaned up inside, everything was back in order. I called for Micky but there was no answer.

“I bet he’s in his studio,” Peter suggested. We went outside to the side of the house and sure enough, music was coming from the recording studio. I went to go in, but Peter tapped me on the shoulder, “I think I’m gonna hit the road.”

“Oh no stay!” I pleaded, turning towards him.

“Really, I’ll see you later though. Tell Micky I said goodbye.” I hugged Peter reluctantly and he kissed my cheek. Then he went to his car and I watched as he drove away. Once he was out of sight, I opened the studio door.

It was fairly modest inside, mostly wooden with room for about four people. Micky ad his back to me and was singing in a microphone, some sort of already recorded folk song was playing; I wondered if he and Peter had recorded it earlier or not. I smiled listening to the sound of his voice, and when the track finished he turned and noticed me. Automatically, as if by a switch, Micky’s face brightened, “Hey!” He was barely audible and he must have noticed because he motioned me to come inside the recording area. Once I entered, he wrapped his arms around me in a big hug, “I’ve missed you.”

“Have you now? I noticed the house is in order,” I said wrapping my arms around his waist.

“Yeah I cleaned house while you were gone. Did you have a nice time with Peter?”

“Yeah, he’s so sweet. We stopped by my place and I picked up a few things. That is, if I’m allowed to stay for a while?” I bit my lip as I posed this last question. I don’t know what I thought he’d do, throw me out on the street.

Micky kissed the top of my head, “Of course you’re welcome. I had an idea that you could stay for quite a while in fact.” I sighed in relief and put my head on his chest while he stroked my hair.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
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