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Monkees Fanfiction

We'll make up our story as we go along.

Posting Access:
All Members
Please Read the following Information before you post.

If you notice any abuse of community guidelines, notify your moderators, via private message or personal journal comments.

Your Current Mods:
1bigbeatlesfan, davyjones669, and solidfoamsoul

Retired Mods:
mjules and evil_little_dog

This is a community for any and all types of fanfiction about the Monkees. No type of fan fiction is off-limits. This means you can write RPF, RPS, fictional Season 3, 4, 5, etc. of the show, episode-based stories, Mary Sues, whatever your little heart desires.

The only thing you must do is include detailed warnings in the "header". The header on all stories should include this information:

(username, please)
Rating: (Please use G through NC-17.)
Summary: (Please give something to let us know what we're in for. NO "I'm so bad at summeries, PLZ R&R NO FLAMES!". If you can't write a summery you can't write a story. Period.)
Warnings: (ie, violence, sexual situations, language)
Genre: (ie, Angst, Comedy, General, Real-Person, etc.)
Pairing: (ie, none, Davy/Fern, Micky/Mike, Princess Gwen/Peter of Tork, new tags can be made for canon characters only)
OR if there is NO pairing:
Main Character(s): (ie, Micky, Mr. Babbit, Monkees)

We have them. Please use them! It's easier for people to find what they want that way. Here's the tag list. See? Not so hard!

Guidelines for Warnings
If you're curious about what should go in the warnings section, it's anything that denotes the type of story you're writing. Here are some examples.

--If you're writing something with sexual content, please say so, and be specific. "Graphic sexual content," or "implied sexual content," or whatever. Also, state if it's het (male/female) or slash (male/male, female/female). ANY sexual content that includes more than kissing is NC-17.

--If there is any kind of violence involved in your story, say so up front. And if it's sexual violence, specify, specify, specify. Some people do not like to read non-consensual sex. (That's rape in layman's terms.) Other disturbing violent acts should be warned about, as well. (Slapstick violence doesn't count.)

--Being that The Monkees TV series was a family-friendly show, please include warnings for foul language. Obviously, if you're writing Real-Person Fic, there's going to be some language if you keep it in character. (You doubt me? Listen to the Headquarters recording sessions.) Just warn us first, okay?

ANY STORY THAT FAILS TO INCLUDE RELEVANT WARNINGS WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY. Authors who continue to neglect warnings will be warned, then banned.

Community Guidelines

Being a member of Monkeesfic is relatively easy. Just mind your manners and remember the (kinda) Golden Rule: Feedback like you'd wanna be fed if you were writing. So, No Flaming, and No Plagiarism. For those of you who don't have a clue, Plagiarism is when you take something that someone else wrote and sign your name to it. That would be like me saying I wrote the song "I'm a Believer." Same goes, not only for the Monkees' material, but for other people's fan fiction. If someone else has written a story, don't post it here and say you wrote it. Ya dig? Flaming is being mean just to be mean. Don't do it. If you have a problem with a member or with something that is being posted, then contact a moderator. Don't be a dummy and start causing arguments and hatred. Constructive criticism and points of view are one thing, but blatant disregard for the rules and acting as if you own the joint is something else entirely. Don't do it. The first time you get a warning. Further pressing of the buttons gets you banned.

Also, please place all stories behind a cut. No exceptions. One, it keeps the clutter down. Two, it keeps people from being accidentally exposed to things they don't want to read. If you don't put your story behind an LJ-cut, it's getting deleted. Cuts are easy and explained in the FAQ guide of LJ. Saying you don't know how to do one is not an excuse.

Our beautiful header and community icon were made by fuyu_icons! Ain't it the grooviest lookin' layout you ever saw?!

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